Air Filtration with American Standard's AccuClean System

EPISODE 2 - The Ultimate Energy Star Home

The American Standard Accuclean is the most advanced air-filtration system on the market. It is proven to remove 99.96% of dust particles and allergens from your home, making dusting virtually unnecessary, and ultimately improving the overall health of the homeowners.

Proper Insulation for Accuclean

The Accuclean is a step in the right direction for achieving an Energy Star home. However, before installing your air-filtration system, your house must be properly insulated.

Sprspray foam insulationay foam insulation

Spray foam insulation best contributes to the overall r-value of your house, (how heat and cold resistant it is). Spray foam insulation will keep your attic air-tight so your A/C system can cool your house more efficiently.

Home Remedies for Sealing Air Ducts

Duct tape - used to seal the tiniest openings in cooling systems. However, duct tape can cause a loss of 25% of a home's cooling ability, so it is not the most effective.

Mastic tape is composed of self-fusing, rubber-based insulation material which is extremely effective for insulating electrical connections. 

If you are unsure of your home's energy efficiency, schedule an inspection by an Energy Star expert. They will test the performance of all your systems and give a measurable score of the home’s energy efficiency. In the meantime, practicing these methods will give your home an advantage in airflow and air quality.