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High Quality HVAC: American Standard Variable Speed

EPISODE 2 - The Ultimate HVAC Change Out

If your current hvac is causing you problems, or perhaps you simply want an upgrade, consider American...

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Reclaiming and Recycling your old HVAC unit

EPISODE 5 - The Ultimate HVAC Change Out

There is more to HVAC work than repairing and installing equipment. Technicians must stay well versed and more...

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HVAC Recycling Post Change Out

EPISODE 6 - The Ultimate HVAC Change Out

Changing out hvac units requires careful recovery of all materials and potentially harmful substances. A...

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Load Calculation: Fitting your HVAC to your Home

When installing a new hvac unit, you want it to be compatible with your home. To reach that ultimate comfort level for you and your unit, you have to...

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Air Conditioning Efficiency and how to Improve it

Checking to make sure you're getting the most energy efficiency out of your air conditioning unit is similar to making sure your hvac is simply working...

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How Do I Know My HVAC Unit Is Working Properly?

Our customers are more than part of our community, they're part of our family. That being the case, family looks out for one another. If we can help...

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The Ultimate Energy Star Home - but what could have been done differently

EPISODE 3 - The Ultimate Energy Star Home: 1 Year Anniversary

Although the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, there are a few things the homeowners...

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Air Filtration with American Standard's AccuClean System

EPISODE 2 - The Ultimate Energy Star Home

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The Right Questions to Ask When Assessing the Efficiency of Your Home

It's been one whole year since the construction of the Ultimate Home! We checked in with our homewowners to see how they've faired over the last year,...

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Heating & Cooling with the Horizontal Geothermal Loop

EPISODE 5 - The Ultimate Energy Star Home

If you're looking for a more environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling your home, consider a...

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