The Ultimate Energy Star Home - but what could have been done differently

EPISODE 3 - The Ultimate Energy Star Home: 1 Year Anniversary

Although the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, there are a few things the homeowners would have done differently.

1) Make the Home Quieter

The homeowners enjoy the geothermal heating and air conditioning system; however, it can be a little noisy under the floor when the unit kicks on. One of the important components of the NetZero energy star package is a sealed and conditioned crawlspace. A sealed crawlspace reduces energy loss and the overall humidity in a home. However, since it is not necessary to have an insulation barrier between a sealed crawlspace and the floor, there is nothing to dampen the sound of the geo-unit.

Ultimate home spray foam insulation

To eliminate noise, consider spraying a layer of foam insulation under the floor as a sound barrier for the HVAC system. Though the Ultimate Home-owners would not mind if the geo-unit were a little quieter, they like it considerably better than their propane water heater.

2) Eliminate Propane Water Heater

The LP water heater costs the Ultimate Home-owners $95 per month. Unhappy with the inflated energy costs of their propane water heater, the homeowners researched an alternative and decided to replace it with the GE Geospring water heater.

Geospring Water Heater

The Geospring is a hybrid electric water heater that utilizes a heat transfer to warm the water, rather than heating the water itself. In other words, similar to the geothermal HVAC system that utilizes the heat in the ground to warm the house in winter, the Geospring water heater utilizes the heat in the air to warm the water.

For the Ultimate Home-owners, heating, cooling, and storing water are important factors to consider for living totally green and off the grid. In addition to hot water efficiently, the homeowners would have altered the way in which they collect and reclaim their water.

3) Install Larger Gutters

The homeowners are very happy with their energy efficient metal roof. The combination of the roofing and spray foam insulation means it can be a comfortable 80 degrees in the attic on the hottest summer day. However, if they had to start the building process again, the homeowners would have added larger gutters to their metal roof.

ultimate home gutters

The Ultimate Home-owners reclaim rainwater runoff, using it for landscape watering and irrigation. We did not anticipate how fast the rain would run off of the metal roof. Larger gutters would help collect more rainwater and reduce ponding around the home.

Even though there are a few changes they have made and things they would have done differently, ultimately, the homeowners are very happy with their NetZero, energy efficient house. Next time we will break down the statistics and examine their energy savings by the numbers.