High Quality HVAC: American Standard Variable Speed

EPISODE 2 - The Ultimate HVAC Change Out

If your current hvac is causing you problems, or perhaps you simply want an upgrade, consider American Standard's Variable Speed HVAC unit. Almost all heating and air guys as well as service techs will tell you it's the best hvac on the market. 

It's not quite enough to praise an hvac unit and not explain why it is so impressive. For such a pricy purchase, homeowners should know exactly what they're buying. Let's break it down.

Variable Speed

The American Standard Variable Speed 20 Platinum Series (its full name), is a high efficiency air conditioner with multi-stage cooling units. The variable speed refers to the fan motor inside the unit that moves the air throughout your house. The significance of this fan motor is that it adjusts its speed and therefore how hard the system is working based on your controlled thermostat settings.

This specific unit, the twenty series, is a three ton unit and has 700 speeds in it. It begins running at 25% capacity and increases speed in small increments (tenths) until it peaks at 100%. The American Standard 20 Series is the only unit that offers as much variability in speed. The next closest is a 65 speed unit, so there is no real comparison. 

Energy Efficiency

Due to the small and gradual speed increments, the 20 series operates using AccuComfort technology which is far more efficient than 'low' 'high' or 'off' options of older systems. The central air conditioners also have high SEERs (seasonal energy efficiency ratios), that ultimately help lower energy bills. With all components working properly, the 20 series can rate as high as a 22 SEER. 

Prestine Manufacturing

The 20 series is built using louvered steel panels which promote airflow while also protecting the coil. Rust-resistant, zinc-coated screws are used to prevent corrosion. And an appliance-grade finish protects the system from grass, twigs, etc. from entering important parts of the system. 

On top of all of this, the 20 series is the quietest air conditioner on the market - its insulation blocking most of the sound while running.


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