A Supply & Return in Every Room

EPISODE 3 - The Ultimate Energy Star Home

To understand EnergyStar the most basic information to understand, is the supply and return of air. This is the foundation of the air flwo in your home.

Supply and Return

Within a home there is a network of ducts that contain airflow. When air is supplied into a room, it has to have somewhere to go in return. The reason different rooms in a house can feel more or less comfortable is because some rooms are supplied with air and then have no return. Without a return, the air will become stagnant and the room will feel stuffy.

For more about return air and problems that can arise: Musings of an Energy Nerd

Vents in Your Home

The vents you see in your home are half supply and half return. Supply vents blow conditioned air into your home, while return vents suck the air back through the ductwork. You can notice the difference because return ducts use filters to catch the dust and particles in your home before it is sucked back into the airflow cycle. 

Energy Star provides a package ensuring supply and return for every room. This not only increases comfort within a home, but also improves airflow and therefore, energy efficiency.


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