Heating & Cooling with the Horizontal Geothermal Loop

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If you're looking for a more environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling your home, consider a geothermal loop field.

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The geothermal loop is a system created to connect the geothermal heat pump and the field it pulls its energy from. There are four main types of geothermal loop fields. The horizontal loop field requires a substantial amount of space to provide room for long trenches for piping. This type of pipe system however, does not require drilling, and can be completed in 1-2 days.

Geo-loop Units in A/C Mode

In A/C mode Geo-loop units pump water through supply pipes in the ground and back through return pipes to the manifold. By the process of conductivity, the water pumped through the supply pipes will become the same temperature as the ground and return to cool the condenser very efficiently.

It is important to remember to make long loops when installing a Geo-loop unit. If there is not enough loop, the pipes can become too hot and bake the ground around them. When the ground is baked, the dirt will expand away from the pipes, reducing the amount of energy transfer. We make sure our loops are over-sized so homeowners will never experience this problem; however, we also install a soaker hose that can be hooked to a water hose and used to cool the overheated loop.


For more about geothermal, check out our Geothermal Guide

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