How Do I Know My HVAC Unit Is Working Properly?

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4 Tips for Making Sure your HVAC Unit is Working Properly: 

1. Check your thermostat

It should be set on cool and auto. Auto will turn the fans on only when the temperature rises above what you've set, which means you are not constantly working your system. By turning the system to cool, as the temperature increases, you'll be able to see if the fans are running, and ultimately if your system is working correctly. 

2. Check the filters

Completely remove the filter and hold it up to light. If light comes thru, the filter is clean and you're good. If the filter is a dark gray and no light comes through, it's time to replace it. Also, notice when replacing the filter, if there's pull from the inside, this means you have an issue with your system.

3. Check outside breaker

Sometimes its as simple as making sure the power button is on. If the breaker is on and things still don't seem to be working, shut it off for 5 minutes and then turn it back on. It might need a little reboot. 

4. Check airflow temperature

Your airflow temperature is the combination of supply and return air.  First measure the temperature of the return air (where your filter is) and then compare it to supply air (a vent in another room). About a 20 degree temp difference is what you want. You can also compare your inside air to the outside temperature. The unit is doing everything it can if the inside temp is 20 below that of outside. 


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