Proper Insulation is Key to Thermal Efficiency

EPISODE 7 - The Ultimate Energy Star Home

It's true that what remains 'out of sight' often stays 'out of mind.' Properly insulating your home can have the largest effect on the overall air flow and thermal efficiency.

The Importance of R-Value

Thermal resistance in your home is best represented by r-value; the higher the r-value the greater the resistance to heat and cold transfer. This means your home will not leak inside air, and alternatively, outside air will not enter the home. For the Ultimate Home, 1/2" rigid Duraboard, provided by Dow is used to insulate the house rather than traditional, paper-like Tyvek barrier. The dow board has an r-value of 3, which means it has three times the heat and cold resistance of Tyvek, (no r-value). This is the first feature that comes standard with all Grayson homes.


Spray Foam Insulation

Traditional fiberglass insulation has an r-value range of 3.1-3.4, which is about standard. The second feature offered in Grayson homes is spray foam insulation, which has an r-value of 7, a substantial improvement from fiberglass. Using 2x6sprayfoam-screenshot.png framing on the outside walls, this allows the Ultimate Home additional room for a thicker coat of insulation. The combination of these components make it virtually impossible for outdoor air to make it into the home.

We calculate that if this home was built using traditional methods it would take 1.5 tons more AC to properly heat and cool the structure. This means with efficient materials such as spray foam and rigid board insulation you are saving significantly on your bills. The goal here is to heat or cool the house not the world. Viva America!


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