Reclaiming and Recycling your old HVAC unit

EPISODE 5 - The Ultimate HVAC Change Out

There is more to HVAC work than repairing and installing equipment. Technicians must stay well versed and more importantly, up to date on state and federal regulations regarding the chemicals used in our work. 

"We don't vent, we recover"

For your hvac to run properly it uses a refrigerant to help propel its mechanical components. Until recently, most hvacs used Freon which is slowly being phased out due to its toxic properties. 

The Reclaiming Process

The EPA has prohibited the continued use of freon (also known as R-22), as a refrigerant due to its impact on the ozone. This means that all freon from your hvac must be carefully recovered from the system during a changeout. The freon is pumped into tanks which can then be reclaimed, or safely disposed of. The fine for releasing freon into the atmosphere is $10,000, paid for by hvac companies. 

Reclaimed Freon is cleaned by suppliers, sold back to hvac companies, and then resold to consumers at one hundred dollars per pound. Recycling efforts limit the amount of freon entering the atmosphere.


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