When Should I Upgrade My HVAC Unit?

EPISODE 1 - The Ultimate HVAC Change Out

As a general rule of thumb, if your air conditioning or heating system is over ten years old and is not keeping you comfortable, it's probably time to update your unit. 

Signs that your HVAC Needs to be Replaced

1. If your hvac unit needs frequent repairs, it is not working as efficiently as possible and it is probably costing you a lot on your energy bills.

2. You are experiencing humidity problems - which could be due to equipment malfunction or leaky ductwork

3. Noisy systems could mean a problem with the coil inside your unit, or the sizing of your duct system

4. Rooms within your house are uncomfortably warm or cold. This could mean improper airflow, inadquate insulation, duct problems, or worse. 

5. If lights flicker or dim when starting your hvac, this means the unit is pulling major amps and power away from the house.

6. If the motor of your unit goes, the compressor is soon to follow. At this point the cost of replacing a motor (approx. $300-400), and/or compressor ($2000), which is not much less than a brand new unit. 

Upgrade Benefits

Families have an opportunity to capitalize on the decline of their older HVAC units by replacing them with new higher SEER units. Upfront costs of a new high efficiency units are ultimately paif off in energy savings over time.

First, it would be beneficial to have an assessment done on your home and hvac, to ensure that it is not simply air leaks that are causing your hvac to run improperly.  

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